About Us

Shell-It was created to help people live a better quality of life.  Shell-It provides mindset and mental wellness coaching services, digital and physical products for it's customers. Through passion, persistence and patience, we strive to make a positive impact.

I'm Shirleen, personal coach/mentor, registered nurse (RN) and author.  I have a bachelor's degree and over 15 years of nursing experience.  I've worked with many people helping them with mental health, physical health and general personal goals.  Every person, situation and set of goals, physical and mental health is different.  I believe in treating each person as an individual and help create positive results.

Cores  Values


Provide ongoing, quality information


Create passion and a drive to help others


Invest in quality customer service

Provide an environment for growth and productivity

Develop a honest working environment


Have a positive outlook and make positive changes