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How to fight poor mental health with less stress,
more confidence
and motivation

Are you or someone you love struggling with depression, anxiety,
stress, bipolar disorder or another mental health condition? 

We want to help.

Mental health can change every part of your life


At Shell-It, we give easy-to-understand tools, tips & resources 

for better mental health


 Feel better, more motivated and less stressed

Busy Street

Over 700 million people around the world have a mental health condition (according to World Health Organization, WHO).

How It Works


We can 

help you get from where you are to where you want  to be.


Use tools to help yourself


Use our resources between medical visits for more support


Nurses are the #1 most trusted health professionals per recent Gallup poll.


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We help you connect the dots by providing products that make sense.

Poor mental health can cause serious problems in all parts of your life. We are prepared to help you fight it. 

Imagine starting your day and you having control of your mental health. 

At the Office
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Be happier, more motivated and less stressed. 


We provide helpful tools for you

or your loved one.


Happy Clients

“Shirleen is extremely skillful in communicating new learnings to others. Shirleen values, encourages and recognizes the importance of self-care."

“Shirleen helped me find a balance between work and self-care. Her intuitive coaching style helped me uncover many hidden thought processes that held me back, and her action-oriented approach helped me move forward and make the changes I needed to improve my health, mind and body! She is an excellent health & wellness coach!"



“Two years ago, I had a heart attack and I felt like less than a man.  Shirleen helped me to see I'm more than what I lost." 

- Faye G.

- Carl W.

-  Poonam G.

How important is your mental health? 

Get our free guide

"Top 3 ways you can reach your mental health  goals"

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