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Families & Disability

Poor mental health affects everything

 Emotions and behavior

Physical health conditions

Relationships (self, family)

Self confidence and self-esteem


Goals and dreams

Problem and data
Adults with disabilities report almost 5 times more frequent
mental health episodes than adults without disabilities


One in 5 children, either currently or at some point during their life, will have a seriously debilitating mental condition  (According to CDC)

Mental health in children: A parent's or caregiver's mental health disorders can be a risk factor for childhood issues such as depression, low self-esteem, poor impulse control, anxiety, antisocial behavior and high risk for child abuse and neglect

(per Child welfare information gateway)

Why Most People Don't Ask for Help

Lack of awareness

Social stigma
Lack of access
Client Assistance Model

Client Assessment

and Triage

Evaluate needs &  make action plan

with goals

Case management

& referrals

Evaluation  & follow-up

How We Give Support and Provide Value to Clients

Why use Shell-It: better mental health



      We are passionate about helping people with their mental health needs

We connect the dots on different parts of mental health/disabilities


          We use 68 credible resources for our client model, services and products

 Our services and products are from over 220 patients & 70 providers


We focus on quality client experience and good customer service


How We Measure Mental Health Outcomes

Better self-care &
less mental health episodes
Able to care for others
(children, parents, pets)
Function better in society
Have a job or attend school (goals, dreams)
Less addiction
Health savings/
lower health costs
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