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How to use 5-10 minutes - feel better

Bad days come and go. Sometimes they can last for a few days and other times, it can feel like they will last forever. Sometimes you can't tell how bad things are because you don't know how bad you might be feeling. Have a plan, use your plan and feel better.

How to set up a daily "feel better" plan

When you're down, upset, sad or angry, you want to feel better but it's hard to concentrate on your goals. When you're feeling depression, anxious, upset, you need a plan so you know what to do when bad days come. When you're already feeling bad, you can't always remember what to do to feel better. A plan is a mental GPS - it shows you what you need to do to get to where you want which is to feel better!

What a daily plan looks like:

Problem: feeling overwhelmed

1. Take a hot shower

2. Ask people to help you with life, house/apartment, children or pets

3. Focus on top 3 things you need to do

Problem: feeling stuck

1. Take a few days off then review your goals

2. List and use 3 resources to get advice

3. Break down your goals for better results

Problem: depression

1. Relax in bed for a few hours

2. Ask people to help you with chores, pets, children, school or work projects

3. Take out 1-2 hours to do small things - take a shower, check your mail

Problem: anxiety

1. Journal your thoughts

2. Take deep breaths for up to 1-2 minutes

3. Lower stress asap (do hobby, plan weekly massage if you can, listen to music)

Write down your plan

Write down your plan and review it

Ever watch a video, TV show or read a book and the more you do it, the more you remember it? This is why you need to review your plan. Put it in your phone, laptop, computer, calendar or notebook. Review it everyday or at least 3-4 times a week for 5-10 minutes. When you feel depressed, anxiety, upset, REVIEW and WORK your plan.

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