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Symptoms: what you don't know

There are many times you or a loved ones will have different symptoms. Sometimes it's easy to know its a symptom and sometimes its hard. Mental health conditions can be deceptive. Symptoms show themselves as physical, mental or psychological problems. Each episode can have different symptoms!

More examples, when you or a loved one has anxiety, it can show up as irritability. Weeks later in another episode it could be worry, getting stressed easy or gloom/doom feeling (like the world is ending). With depression, it could be lack of interests in one episode. In another episode, it's not opening your mail or just lying in bed. For bipolar disorder, you might have an episode and not sleep. Then, months later another episode with lack of focus or writing things that don't make sense.

Its important to do 3 things:

1. Know your symptoms

2. Learn 3-in-1 rule above that can help

3. Use 3-in-1 rule to deal with mental health

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