Why pick this course:


Mental health can affect every part of life – it needs to be managed everyday


This was created by a registered nurse - nurses are rated as #1 most-trusted professionals for about 18 years per Gallup Poll (a global analytics and advice firm)


Course talks about importance to know yourself,  medications, what questions to ask providers for success.  See what you might be missing on mental health



How this course can help:


Get necessary information about medications


Good questions to ask about medications


Understand what you need to ask health providers


Get tips on to handle medication issues



At the end of this course, you will be able to:


Understand more about medications


Discover how to research medications


Get important questions to ask your health providers



Digital download: get PDF link with video & link to written information about topic


Course length: 27 minutes


What's included: course video, PDF, mental health goals & resources


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Online course: Medications & What to Ask Providers