Why pick this package


Mental health can affect every part of life – it needs to be managed everyday


This was created by a registered nurse - nurses are rated as #1 most-trusted professionals for about 18 years per Gallup Poll (a global analytics and advice firm)


Mental health is complicated. These courses talks about importance to know yourself, different parts of mental health & have a detailed action plan for success.  See what you might be missing on mental health



How this package can help:


Understand how different parts of mental health can affect life


How to handle small and big issues with mental health


Learn how to deal with symptoms


Understand different types of treatments


Get more information on medications


How to create a good support system



At the end of these courses, you will be able to:


Understand how mental health can affect your life


Learn how to handle symptoms


Discover how to create a "positive" treatment plan 


Understand more about medications


How to maintain your mental health short & long-term



Digital download: you will get PDF links of videos and PDFs 


What's included: 7 videos, 7 PDFs on each topic, mental health goals & resources


Online course package: 7 courses included

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