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Be In Charge of Your Health Care 

Care. Compassion. Communication.

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What We Offer

Custom services for health needs

See how you or a loved one can get services you deserve

One-on-one consultations

Help reduce 
medical bills

Health and goal-setting

Motivational s
peaking services 



Get help with medical care



    Advocate for yourself or loved one's health care

   Get one-on-one consultation(s) to discuss goals

   See how our team can add value to your health



Assist with different issues



   Have your health care taken seriously

   Assistance with treatment options

   Medical review

   Attend appointments

   Set up second opinions



Custom Care

Health care coordination (except for worker's compensation)

 Medication review

 Attend appointments

 (virtual or possibly in-person)

How It Works

See How We Can Help

Make Health Care Work for You

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Get help with your health needs -  case management for you or loved one

Health care is complicated. Discover how we can advocate
for you or others

Business Meeting
Laptop and Paperwork

Get help with medical forms

and bills

Happy Clients

This "is extremely skillful in communicating new learnings to others.  Shell-It values, encourages and recognizes the importance of self-care."

- Faye G.

"This helped me find a balance between work and self-care. Her intuitive coaching style helped me uncover many hidden thought processes that held me back, and her action-oriented approach helped me move forward and make the changes I needed to improve my health, mind and body..."

-  Poonam G.



“Two years ago, I had a heart attack and I felt like less than a man... (this) helped me to see I'm more than what I lost." 

- Carl W.


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