Your mental health affects everything

How to fight mental health - get good tools & tips 

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Are you or someone you love struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar disorder or another mental health disorder? Over 700 million people around the world have a mental health problem.

Do you need help to get better mental health? Do you want to help someone struggling with mental health? 

Poor mental health can affect every part of your life​. At Shell-It: better mental health - we give helpful tips, tools and resources to fight mental health problems. You can feel better, more motivated and less stressed.
This can be for you if you want the following:

Feel better, happier and be more motivated

Need help with setbacks​ and challenges

Get through difficult times in your life

Want help with self esteem & confidence

Have hard time reaching your goals

Help someone with mental health problems

Commit.  Plan. Get Results

Poor mental health can cause problems in all parts of your life. We understand it's hard to fight it. There is a big cost to not manage it. Poor mental health increases    homelessness, job loss, disability, addiction, bad relationships and more. 


You need to know yourself, understand mental health & have a mental health plan.  Imagine starting your day and feel more in control of your mental health.  This can be possible.


There is ton of information and mis-information.  We break it down into easy-to-understand tools for you or help someone else.  Be happier, more motivated, more confident and less stressed. See how we can help


“Shirleen is extremely skillful in communicating new learnings to others. Shirleen values, encourages and recognizes the importance of self-care.”

- Faye G.

“Shirleen helped me find a balance between work and self-care. Her intuitive coaching style helped me uncover many hidden thought processes that held me back, and her action-oriented approach helped me move forward and make the changes I needed to improve my health, mind and body! She is an excellent health & wellness coach!”

-  Poonam G.

“Two years ago, I had a heart attack and I felt like less than a man.  Shirleen helped me to see I'm more than what I lost." 


- Carl W.

Get top 3 ways you can  reach your mental wellness  goals

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